Our goal is to share our passion and fascination for horses with other horse lovers.

Eva-Marina Böhm

Having grown up in rural Bavaria, I developed a love of nature from an early age. I’ve been fascinated by the relationship between human beings and horses since I was a child. I’ve had horses since then and competed with them in show-jumping and dressage events. As the CEO of a trading company, I developed and successfully brought to market my own brand of equine care products.

Annette Baumann

I was born and raised in Munich, and my dream was always to become a horse rider. Shortly after I finished my studies, I took my first riding lessons. I soon got my own horse and subsequently took part in my first dressage competitions. I worked as a head of department and project manager in the insurance industry, but in my free time I developed a business plan for building equestrian centres and ensuring their profitability.